Thursday, April 1, 2010

Love vs. Fear

Everything we experience contains a certain amount of emotions, positive or negative. The greater the emotion the more it affects us. Love and fear are the two basic emotions. Love always affects us in a positive way and is aligned with our Divine Self. Love would encompass the words happy, bliss and content. Love is Real. Fear is aligned with our illusional self and would encompass the words anger, rejection, illness and pain. Fear does not exist to our True Self, only in our illusion.

Imprints of Emotion

Through thoughts and beliefs we create illusions that seem real. Resentful and angry thoughts build and strengthen this negative energy. An emotional imprint is an energy pattern that is felt and reinforced over and over again. Emotional imprints be created through a traumatic event or be carried over from one lifetime to the next in order to be healed. The key to healing an emotional imprint is to be very aware of the emotion you are feeling. Once you are in tune with it, hold the emotion in a space of compassion. Though this, you dissolve the fear and deepen the imprint of Love. The more often you practice this, the better the results. Most people don't like facing their negativities, but to heal them we must.

Accessing the Subconscious

Being aware of your feelings and holding them in a space of compassion is one way to heal your emotional imprints, but many feelings are in our subconscious, which can be difficult to access alone. In my practice, Spirit directs me to examine your emotional imprints and subconscious feelings. I am guided to these barriers and am able to understand them. I energetically see the imprints of fear, stress and trauma and then I hear their needs. I can describe them to you and help heal those painful emotions in a gentle, loving way. This allows you to reclaim more of your true self and experience a deep sense of inner peace. If these blocked energies are not cleared, you can experience fear, depression, anger, physical disease (dis-ease) and so on. We can only heal when we come from unconditional love and compassion. As we heal our lives we can see the path of our soul much more clearly. Illusional vision holds us back; clear vision allows us the freedom to move forward. Each of us carry the tools within to heal ourselves; sometimes we just need direction as to how to get there.